Mid to High-end Laundry Renovation


Has your laundry room started to look a bit gloomy or worn out? Years of regular use can take a severe toll on your laundry room’s overall condition and utility. That is especially true if they were built by inexperienced contractors using low-quality materials. If you’re also facing the same issues, it is time to consider getting a laundry room renovation.


While kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room renovations are more popular, laundry rooms are often neglected. This is because they are considered mere utility facilities that do not need to be aesthetically pleasing. That is not true at all! Laundry rooms are an integral part of modern homes, and as an owner, you never want to keep them dysfunctional and overlooked.


But before you finalise your renovation project, it is crucial that you hire a professional and reliable laundry renovation service that can deliver top-quality work. Of course, this is easier said than done, as finding such a renovation service in Australia has become quite a challenge!


But don’t worry, you are at just the right place!


Premium Laundry Renovations by Master Renovations

At Master Renovations, we believe that even a simple renovation project can significantly impact how a laundry room looks, feels, and functions. Since the needs of smaller homes differ from those of expensive luxurious laundry designs or commercial laundry designs, we take a personalised approach to all of our projects.


Master Renovations will manage your entire laundry renovation project from start to finish. Our professionals will prepare a detailed proposal for your renovation project so you can see precisely how your laundry room will look in the end.


When you partner with Master Renovations, it’s never a one-sided communication! Our experts will ensure that your creative input is also included in our design – giving your project that personal touch!


Whether you are planning for small-scale laundry renovations or comprehensive laundry room remodeling, the experts at Master Renovations Australia will get the job done quickly and efficiently without breaking your bank!


Here is what Master Renovations offers!



Laundry Renovations



Benefits of Our Laundry Renovations Services

Partnering with a well-reputed renovation service like ours makes a huge difference as far as customer satisfaction is concerned.


  1. Project Flexibility and Customisation

Starting with the basic design phase, you’ll have the power to decide about each aspect of your laundry renovation project. You can choose the type and colour of flooring, tiles, or concrete on the walls. In addition, you can select the equipment you want to maintain, storage needs, and how to utilise the available space.


These are just the basics; there could be a range of other factors to consider. Before we start working on it, our experts will help you visualise your laundry room renovation and customise it to make it more functional and appealing.


  1. Your House Will Be Worth More!

An upgraded house is worth much more than an old-style house with outdated infrastructure. After renovating your laundry room and some other areas, if you sell your home in the future, you’ll be able to sell it out at a much higher price!


However, it is better to ask and talk with our professionals first. We will tell you which parts of your house will give you the most money. By renovating a few areas in your house, the value of your home is projected to increase significantly. 


A wise investment indeed!


  1. Increased and More Efficient Storage Space

When you partner with Master Renovations of Australia for your laundry renovation project, you will have additional storage space for your laundry room items. Using our creative ideas and years of experience working in the industry, we’ll come up with solutions that’ll be tailor-made for your space.


If you’re having difficulty finding space to store extra containers and dirty laundry baskets, call us now and have our experts take care of it all!


  1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

We can assist you in selecting washers and dryers with high energy ratings, allowing you to save on your energy bills. In addition, we can also install energy-efficient lights, which further reduce your costs.


Our experts are well-versed in local ratings and laws so you don’t have to get into the technicalities while we manage it all!


  1. Improved Safety

Renovating your laundry room to meet the latest specifications makes it safer to use.By installing a cable management system to keep electrical cables from protruding, or simply installing more durable, slip-resistant flooring, our experts will ensure that you or your loved ones never have to face something unexpected while doing laundry.


Call us to discuss specifics.


Laundry Renovation Costs in Australia

Laundry renovations costs differ significantly from one project to another. However, as per the latest market data, here are some average prices that you can expect to pay for your laundry renovation project in Australia:


Small-sized Laundry Rooms

People tend to believe that renovating a tiny laundry room isn’t that worthwhile since it won’t make much of an impact. That is not true! Even simple renovations such as applying a new coat of paint or changing the flooring to match the fresh coat of paint will make a significant difference in the space.


The costs for a small-sized laundry room renovation in Australia can range from $4000 to $6000.


Mid-sized Laundry Rooms

Considering the average laundry renovation costs across several cities in Australia, it is estimated that for mid-sized laundry rooms, you can expect to pay anywhere from $6,000 to $18,000 – depending on materials and scope of work.


Big-sized Laundry Rooms

For big-sized or modern laundry rooms incorporating the latest technology, you can expect to pay anywhere from $18,000 to $25,000!


Choosing all the best options may even result in higher costs. However, when you work with Master Renovations, we guarantee the most competitive rates among all other renovation services!


Note: These calculations do not include the cost of purchasing new appliances.



Laundry Renovation



Other Renovation Services by Master Renovations

Master Renovations offers a wide range of renovation services to our clients from all over Australia. Apart from laundry renovations, we also deliver premium quality bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, bedroom renovations, and comprehensive home renovations, to name a few.


Here is a quick breakdown of our most popular renovation and remodeling services:


Bathroom Renovations

Nothing beats a refreshing shower or spending some relaxing time in your bathtub after a long and tiring day!


But if you have cracked windows or a broken shower in your bathroom, you’ll never get that peace of mind that you need so badly!


No need to tolerate your dysfunctional or substandard bathroom anymore! Call us for professional and super-affordable bathroom renovation services in Australia.


Kitchen Renovations

At Master Renovations, we believe that doing kitchen chores should always be fun! An overloaded or messy kitchen will not only affect your mood but also put a terrible image on your guests!


The creative designers and experts at Master Renovations will come up with imaginative designs and kitchen layouts. Our professionals will fully transform your kitchen into your favourite place in the entire house!


Call us to discuss your kitchen renovation project in detail.


Bedroom Renovations

Whether you live in a small apartment, a single-story house, or a spacious luxury villa, your bedroom is your private space where you sleep and rest! Master Renovations delivers premium quality bedroom renovations at super-affordable rates. Our renovations will make your bedroom area more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and energy-efficient.


Get in touch with our experts if you want to renovate your old bedroom and give it a completely fresh, improved look! We will also ensure the seamless integration of all your modern bedroom facilities and amenities.


Home Renovations

Home renovations are the most popular renovation service that people demand from us. Master Renovations is the industry leader in providing premium-quality home renovation services all over Australia. While ensuring top-quality services, we also offer the most competitive rates across the entire Australian home renovations industry!


Whether you’ve decided to renovate your house or plan to move into a new one, hiring a professional and reliable renovation company for your home renovation project is very important. Get in touch with Master Renovations now!


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