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Your kitchen is the heart of your home! If you are an avid cook or someone who loves to have family and friends over for dinner, your kitchen will certainly be the central place for you in your house! For most people, aesthetics matter as much as functionality but if you live in a house that was built a few years back, rapidly changing technology or routine wear and tear can make your kitchen and its appliances outdated sooner than you think.


While periodic maintenance and repairs will let you keep up with your daily kitchen routine, at some stage, it’ll be more economical to go for a partial or complete kitchen renovation!


Kitchen renovation is the process of removing unnecessary and old stuff in your kitchen and replacing them with newer, more functional features that will increase the productivity and overall efficiency of your kitchen – while improving the aesthetics as well!


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The kitchen, being the “happening place”, must be kept clean, neat, and up-to-date at all times! Kitchen renovations bring many benefits that will make your kitchen space much more useful and visually appealing.


With so many companies offering kitchen renovation services in Australia today – all claiming to be the best in the business – shortlisting one of them can be quite tricky. That’s especially true if you are looking to get high-quality renovation services on a limited budget!


Most renovation companies in Australia offer only baseline services that too at super-expensive rates! To keep your project costs within your budget without compromising the quality of the service, you’ll need a service that is professional, reliable, affordable as well!



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Best Choice For Your High-Quality Kitchen Renovation Project!

Master Renovations has decades of experience in performing premium quality home renovations including kitchen renovations in Australia.

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll be getting when you partner with us:

  1. Improved Functionality

Our in-demand kitchen renovations will increase the overall functionality and utility of your kitchen. As a top kitchen renovation service, we believe that renovations are not only about adding new features! Professional kitchen renovation services will completely transform your existing kitchen design and layout and make it much more productive and efficient.


Our designs will reduce the need for you to move around in the kitchen to grab things while you work your magic with all the different ingredients!


  1. Increased The Overall Value and Worth of Your House

By delivering top-quality renovations, Master Renovations will increase the overall value and worth of your house. If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, you can rest assured that the potential customers will be willing to pay more for a house with a beautiful and freshly renovated kitchen.


Partnering with us will prove to be profitable in the long run!


  1. Increased Storage Space in The Kitchen

You won’t believe how much extra storage space could be created in your kitchen just by executing a few creative design ideas and managing the available space smartly.


Need extra space to accommodate a bigger flour container? Or perhaps you’re looking to store your precious dinner set somewhere safe and secure. Just call Master Renovations and have our experts create smart storage spaces in your kitchen without breaking the bank!


  1. Install Up-to-date Appliances

Your kitchen is home to many appliances that can quickly get obsolete with rapidly changing technology. These include a dishwasher, cooking range, fridge, or deep freezer among others.


If you’re looking to replace the old kitchen appliances with newer ones, you’ll need an expert kitchen renovation service to install and integrate the new appliances seamlessly into your existing kitchen layout.


  1. Improved Safety

At Master Renovations, we perfectly understand that kitchen renovations are not just about visuals and aesthetics. The ergonomics of your kitchen layout and design also affect safety directly!


Partner with the experienced professionals at Master Renovations. We’ll make sure that all the safety considerations are addressed while we renovate and transform your kitchen.


  1. Reduce Energy Consumption

With the costs of electricity and gas rising, it is highly advisable to do away with the old and outdated appliances and get the modern ones that are more energy-efficient! Even the overall layout and design of your kitchen will affect the consumption of energy. Master Renovations will help you save significantly on your energy costs in the long run by suggesting the best possible course of action.


  1. Improved Sustainability

When you partner with a premium kitchen renovation service in Australia such as Master Renovations, you can easily make your kitchen much more eco-friendly and sustainable by using environmentally-friendly stuff like bamboo, recycled materials, and reclaimed wood for your cabinets, tables, or floors.


Our creative designers have tons of design ideas that are going to make your kitchen look stunning while you play your part in protecting mother nature!



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Kitchen Renovation Costs in Australia

The most frequently asked question we get about kitchen renovations is the average costs associated with them. But that’s not at all surprising, as anybody who’s thinking about starting a big project like kitchen renovation will need to plan his finances in advance.


No two renovation projects are the same. Additionally, the renovation costs will also depend on the size, space, building materials, and selection of finishing. That’s why there is no fixed answer to your “how much” question. The best way to accurately estimate the renovation costs is through personalised quotations or on-site visits.


However, to give you a better idea about the renovation costs, our market researchers have come up with generalised estimates.


According to the latest market rates, here is what Australians are paying to renovation companies for their kitchen renovations.


Limited Budget Kitchen Renovations

Home-owners who are looking to get their kitchens renovated on a budget will generally be paying costs starting from $15,000 up to $25,000.


Mid-Range Kitchen Renovations

For mid-range kitchen renovation projects, you can expect to pay from $25,000 to $45,000. The built quality and the materials used in these projects will be much better as compared to the limited budget kitchen renovations.


High-End, Premium Quality Kitchen Renovations

For those of you who are looking to get the most exclusive, premium quality kitchen renovation service, the project costs will start from a minimum of $45,000 and can easily go up to $90,000!


For these prices, you are going to get unmatched results that are surely going to exceed your expectations.


If you have got a unique kitchen renovation project in your mind then contact Master Renovations for a fully-customised and accurate price quotation. No matter the size of your kitchen project, big or small, Master Renovations will deliver top-quality kitchen renovation and redesigning services while remaining within your approved budget.



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Other Renovation Services by Master Renovations

Besides providing top-quality kitchen renovation services throughout Australia, Master Renovations also delivers a complete range of specialised residential and commercial renovation services.


Here are some of the most popular renovation services by Master Renovations:

Home Renovations

Master Renovations offers all kinds of home renovation services including a complete range of interior and exterior home improvements. We care for the personal preferences and comfort of all our clients while altering their home layouts to create additional space through smart designs.


Bathroom Renovations

Master Renovations also provides premium-quality bathroom renovations. Be it about installing a bigger and better bathtub, replacing the tiles on your bathroom floor, or simply changing the lighting on the ceiling – Master Renovations will do it all for you!


Laundry Renovations

Laundry rooms are an important part of all modern homes. If the laundry room in your house is experiencing plumbing issues or is too cramped, Master Renovations will deliver reliable and affordable laundry renovations that are sure to considerably enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of your laundry rooms.


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Kitchen renovations can be a little pricey but they are sure to increase the comfort and utility of your kitchen while increasing the value of your property.


If you’ve made up your mind, there is no better way to execute your kitchen renovations project other than hiring the experts to do the job. The highly skilled and experienced professionals at Master Renovations will deliver the highest value for your money.


Make your kitchen a place where memories are homemade and feelings are seasoned with love!


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