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Master Renovations is your go-to partner for high-quality, reliable renovations. We work with homeowners and investors of all shapes in size to design the perfect space that will make them happy – from bathrooms down to kitchens. With our variety of services, we can meet any need you might have, whether it be small adjustments like fixing leaky pipes or adding space after expanding into another room as an extension project (our expertise).


When you need professional renovation experience, trust Master Renovations. Our expert team is devoted to delivering the best outcome for your needs and desires. We offer homeowners’ services like bathroom renovations or kitchen makeovers as well office/strata manager-related projects such as laundry room remodeling in addition to home extensions that can transform entire properties into modern spaces suitable to fit any lifestyle.


Master Renovations has the perfect renovation service for you. We help make your home beautiful and within budget.

Why Choose Master Renovations

Master Renovations is a renovation company that has been carefully crafted with the needs of homeowners in mind, as well as tradespeople and professionals alike. With our model, we are able to provide people who have concerns about home renovations safety while also providing an opportunity for others not so confident about themselves on-site or off-, all thanks towards this supportive team.


We’re a global renovation firm with a local feel. Our renovation approach is designed to save you money and ensure that all of your projects can be completed in an efficient manner, so we’re always up-to-date on what’s going on around here.

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