High-End Bathroom Renovation in Pascoe Vale

  • Client: Family of four including 2 teenagers
  • Property: 1 bedroom house
  • Location: Pascoe Vale (Northern suburbs Melbourne, 9km north of CBD)
  • Renovation: High-end bathroom renovation

Bathroom Renovation BEFORE

The house is a 1-bedroom home with the bathroom used by the whole family. The clients, a husband and wife who are both school teachers, wanted a bigger more spacious bathroom to be more practical for their growing family.


The clients had been living with an old outdated bathroom for a long time and had made a decision to go all out to have a really new high-end bathroom, something they had been dreaming of for a long time. As you can see with the old bathroom photos below, it consisted of late 70’s era bright colours with the spacing being clunky.

Pascoe Vale Bathroom Renovation before shot 1
High-end Bathroom Renovation in Pascoe Vale by Master Home Renovations
Pre bathroom renovation in Pascoe Vale

It’s now time for a brand new high-end more functional bathroom…


Initial step after establishing contact was for us to come around to their house. We had a good conversation as to what they wanted, we looked at their bathroom and ascertained what would be required for their desired result.


We then provided a detailed quote, to which they were happy with.

Bathroom Renovation AFTER

The clients opted to go all out for a high-end bathroom renovation, sparing no expense, to get the bathroom of their dreams! This is the sort of project Master Home Renovations specialise in, high-end home renovations be it bathroom, kitchen renovation, or the whole home.


Working with our team of professionals, plans were drawn up for a substantial renovation of the bathroom and every detail was carefully considered needed for a high-end finish. The core of our team included:


  • Our Project Manager  who is the lynch pin of the operation. He co-ordinates with the clients the whole project from the initial inspection, to providing the initial quote, to co-ordinating everyone involved from the architect to the interior designer, to the engineer, to the plumber, carpenter, tiler etc.
  • Our Architect was engaged for the layout of the bathroom floor working in with the clients wants and needs.
  • Our Interior Designer was engaged and worked closely with the clients for the materials selections including colours, tiles, taps, type of joinery etc.
  • Because the clients wanted a skylight, our Engineer was engaged for the roof opening which included the types of timber beams used, support fixings, etc. The approval to remove the internal sub wall from the existing bathroom was also needed.


This was a substantial renovating of a bathroom so the whole process took the best part of 3 months.


High-end renovated bathroom in Melbourne in Pascoe Vale picture 1
High-end bathroom renovation in Melbourne in Pascoe Vale.
High-end bathroom renovation
Renovated bathroom in Melbourne


We were in constant contact with the husband and wife including doing a site walk-through at virtually every step of the project and made decisions together as we progressed to the next stage. We wanted to make sure they were happy at each step before progressing and they were very understanding.


Living at Home During the Bathroom Renovation

The family was still living at the property whilst the renovation was being undertaken, so we made sure certain measures were taken, so they could still live inside whilst we completed the project.


With this house having just 1 bathroom, we constructed an outdoor shower under an enclosed shelter for the family to use during the process. There was another sink and toilet in the house for them to use.


The final result is that they couldn’t be happier with their brand new luxury bathroom!