Bathroom Renovation in Fitzroy

  • Client: A middle-aged lady
  • Property: 1 bedroom 1 bathroom house
  • Location: Fitzroy (1km north-east of Melbourne CBD)
  • Renovation: Complete renovation of the old bathroom and installation of a new walk-in shower
  • Project brief: The client wanted to update her bathroom and install a walk-in shower to make it easier for her to get in and out while recovering from hip surgery.

BEFORE Renovating Bathroom

Master Renovations Melbourne was approached by the client to undertake this bathroom renovation project. The lady, being a single occupant of the home, wanted to create a safe and accessible bathroom for herself as she had hip surgery coming up. The old bathtub was obviously not going to be suitable for her anymore, so it had to be replaced by a new walk-in shower.

An old bathroom in Fitzroy before renovation 2

While the old bathtub and shower were planned to be replaced, the client thought it would be a good idea to renovate the entire bathroom with the latest fixtures and give it a fresh look. The plumbing and electrical rough-ins were needed as well as new insulation and plastering work to the back wall.

An old bathroom in Fitzroy before renovation
An old bathroom in Fitzroy before 3
An old bathroom in Fitzroy before 4

Waterproofing and tiling, painting of the whole bathroom, joinery installation and plumbing fixture installation and an electrical completion fit-off was also needed to complete this bathroom renovation project. We also had to ensure that the whole process was done within four weeks per the client’s request.


The Bathroom Renovation Process

We began by assessing the client’s specific needs by considering that she is a single occupant and the house had only one bathroom. To ensure she had a bathroom, we provided her with a temporary toilet while the work took place. We kept it in place as long as possible before needing to remove it for construction purposes. She was close friends with her neighbour, who permitted her to use their toilet and shower while the renovation took place. 


The client picked out all the fixtures and items herself from Beaumont, which were required for the renovation. Our experts consulted her throughout the process to ensure that the specifications matched the style and function she desired.


Once everything was set, the demolition and strip out of the old bathroom began. We then proceeded with constructing the new floor to suit the new walk-in shower and took care of all the plumbing and electrical rough-ins. The insulation and plastering work for the back wall followed, for which our team used the best materials available.


Tiling and waterproofing came in next, in which the client chose a beautiful Timeless Ceppo Gris Matt tile, which blends with the rest of the bathroom décor. After installing the plumbing fixtures and joinery, we moved on to painting the bathroom walls and ceiling. The client opted for an off-white paint colour, which gave the bathroom a vibrant and sophisticated finish.


Finally, the electrical fit-offs were done, and the bathroom renovation project was completed well before the four weeks deadline. For this bathroom renovation project in Fitzroy, no permits were needed from the local authority (Yarra City Council) as all the work was carried out within the boundaries of her home.


AFTER Renovating Bathroom

The client was absolutely delighted by the bathroom renovation project undertaken by Master Renovations. The bathroom now looks stunning with its new fixtures and décor. Shortly after the bathroom renovation was completed, the client underwent the scheduled hip surgery. She is now recovering at home and has no problem getting in and out of the shower.

A beautiful renovated bathroom in Fitzroy.
A beautiful renovated bathroom the shower in Fitzroy.

The plumbing and electrical works in the bathroom are all up to code, and the client is delighted that the renovation project was done well within the defined budget as well as on time. She has expressed her desire that as soon as she recovers from the surgery, she will contact Master Renovations to get her kitchen renovated to match the bathroom.

A beautiful renovated bathroom in Fitzroy 2
A beautiful renovated bathroom in Fitzroy 3
A beautiful renovated bathroom in Fitzroy 4

All in all, this bathroom renovation project done by Master Renovations was a complete success. We not only love our job for uplifting and giving a fresh look to homes but also for providing smart and convenient solutions that help people who need them.