Chic Home Renovation in Brunswick, Melbourne

  • Client: Couple who work in theatre
  • Property: Quaint 2-bedroom 1-bathroom house
  • Location: In the heart of Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Renovation: Chic high-end home renovation
  • Project Duration: 5 months

BEFORE The Home Renovation

We were approached by a couple in Brunswick who wanted to renovate their home. Both the clients lived and worked in Adelaide and, before returning to Melbourne, wanted us to create a homely oasis for them. In short, the house needed some TLC!

BEFORE Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen was small and lacked natural light, making it a bit dark and uninviting. The space was quite contained, and we felt it needed to be opened up more and brought into natural light. It also lacked practicality and storage, making it difficult to move around and organise. The plumbing and electrical were dated and needed an upgrade.

Pre a kitchen renovation in Brunswick Melbourne Victoria

BEFORE Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom was divided into three separate rooms, including a cramped laundry. With no window for natural light and a really tight space, it needed a creative and innovative design to make it work. The tiles and waterproofing were also not up to standard, and the electricity and plumbing required a complete redo. Overall, the bathroom lacked both style and functionality.

BEFORE Living Room Renovation

The living room was a bit of a box, with the wall limiting the space. To create more space and bring in more natural light, the wall had to be knocked down and pushed, which was a challenge. To make it all work, our experts had to be creative. We felt that a large overhead sky window would not only bring more natural light into the living room as well as the kitchen but also add character to the living space.


The interior colours were quite plain and monotone, adding to the home’s feeling of drabness. The couple were very particular about the colour scheme and wanted it to feel lively, inviting and special.

The living room of a house before renovating in Brunswick Melbourne

BEFORE Back of Home Renovation

The major part of the renovation work was inside the home, but the exterior also needed a makeover. Especially the paint around the back section of the house was peeling and faded, making it look run-down. We suggested to the couple that the entire back section of their home is repainted, including the outdoor weatherboard area.

The House Renovation Process

We got right to work! It all started with assessing their home and understanding what needed to be done. Our architect engaged with the homeowners to discuss their ideas and preferences in detail. Once the layouts of the bathroom, kitchen, and living room were finalised, our interior designer consulted with the clients to help them choose everything from tiles, finishes, and types of joinery to colours.


For this Brunswick home renovation, no permits were required from city council. The home was already in accordance with the local building regulations, and only internal renovation work was involved. A council permit in Brunswick is only needed if the external structure of the house is to be demolished and extended.


The couple moved away for 5 months as the house had only one bathroom and one kitchen, and both needed to be completely renovated. During that time, they remained in constant communication, providing feedback and making decisions as the project progressed. We invited the couple for a site walk-through once every stage was completed to make sure they were happy with the progress.

AFTER The Home Renovation

With a little bit of hard work and a lot of creativity, we were able to create a home that was both homely and inviting.

AFTER Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom walls were knocked down and transformed into one large space with a shower, vanity, and toilet. The homeowners chose tiles that were light and earthy, giving the bathroom an inviting vibe. A large openable window was installed in the bathroom to let in natural light and air, improving the space’s overall energy and ambience.

Exquisite finish to a bathroom after renovation in Melbourne Victoria
Exquisite finish to a bathroom after renovation in Melbourne VIC
Exquisite finish to a bathroom after renovation in Melbourne Victoria 2
Exquisite finish to a bathroom after renovation in Melbourne VIC 2

Quite the transformation with the bathroom renovation as you can see!

AFTER Living Room Renovation

In the living room, we installed a beautiful overhead sky window. The window didn’t just add to the aesthetics, it brought in natural light in abundance, making the living room, kitchen, and meals area look and feel much more spacious – adding life and energy to the house!

Stunning sky window installed to immaculate home renovation in Brunswick Melbourne

We knocked down the wall that was limiting the space and pushed it back by two metres to create more room, which made a huge difference to the overall ambience of the living room. Our engineer remained fully engaged throughout the demolition process to ensure safety and structural integrity. Our experts also made sure that the perfect beam type was selected and installed to adequately support the ceiling.

Exquisite living room renovation in Melbourne
Exquisite living room renovation in Melbourne 2

AFTER Kitchen Renovation

To make the most of the available space, the new kitchen was built alongside the wall, and an island bench was installed, helping us to create a cozy dining area while allowing free movement. For the kitchen, the homeowners wanted a new joinery and stone benchtop to create a modern and homely atmosphere. We also installed premium-quality overhead shelving to increase the kitchen’s storage capacity considerably.

Stunning sky window installed to immaculate home renovation in Brunswick Melbourne

The plumbing fixtures we used were top-notch, and all electrical wiring was redone in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards. The newly installed, gorgeous-looking sky window we mentioned earlier also reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day – helping to reduce the home’s energy consumption in the long run.


The homeowners chose to go with green for their kitchen, which added a lot of life and energy to the space. Brunswick is a area that is known for its vibrant and colourful culture, and this home was no exception. The final result of this kitchen renovation? A cooking area that is fully functional, homely and spacious – and the clients absolutely love their brand new kitchen!

Stunning kitchen renovation in Brunswick Melbourne

AFTER Laundry Renovation

But our favourite part of this project was the relocation of the laundry section from the bathroom to the kitchen. We shifted the washing machine and dryer in the already cramped bathroom to the end of the new kitchen section, making the bathroom much more spacious while optimally utilising the available space in the kitchen. Smart solutions like these are what make our job so enjoyable!

Laundry renovation relocation in home renovation in Melbourne
Laundry renovation relocation in home renovation in Melbourne 2

Often with laundry renovations, the idea is to modernise the laundry room and for it to be more functional. Relocating the laundry to the kitchen area was a real success here.

AFTER Back of Home Renovation

The external paint on the back section of the home was also completely redone, giving it an aesthetic and modern feel. The outdoor weatherboard area was also included in the painting job to make sure the home looked consistent from all angles. Be it a lazy Sunday afternoon or a homely dinner party with friends or family, this home now makes for a perfect setting for all occasions.

Stunning home renovation from the back in Brunswick Melbourne VIC
Stunning home renovation from the back in Brunswick Melbourne VIC 2

Our team put their heart and soul into this project to make sure it was a success. The couple was absolutely ecstatic with the outcome of their home renovation project. Their home now looks more spacious, homely and inviting – just as they wanted it to be!