Mid to High-end Home Renovations


Everyone loves a perfect living home – a personal space that shows your personality, style, and taste. But if you have ever thought about making specific changes in your house, you are not alone! Home renovations are getting extremely popular all over Australia as people are looking to keep up with the rapidly changing technology and upgrade their homes with the latest features.


Home renovations are also sought for houses that start to show signs of deterioration. Some of the indicators could be cracks on the ceiling, fading interior or exterior paints, or broken cabinets in the kitchen!


You can either keep wasting your time and money on routine maintenance and repairs or go for a comprehensive one-time home renovation project. If you opt for the latter, you’ll address all the issues and completely transform the look and feel of your entire home!


However, since home renovations don’t come cheap, you must partner with a professional and reliable home renovation service that can deliver the highest value for your money.


Premium Home Renovations By Master Renovations

Master Renovations provides world-class renovation and remodeling services to clients from all over Australia. Our home renovations help improve the quality of life while providing an enriched living environment.


Master Renovations, as a top-rated renovation service,  delivers top-quality services at amazingly competitive rates. With decades of work experience in the Australian home renovation industry, our experts are always ready to take up any renovation project.


Before you start knocking down your walls or pay for a full-fledged kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room renovation project, you must know what benefits you can expect from such a big undertaking.



House Extensions
Home Extensions



Benefits of Hiring The Experts at Master Home Renovations

Home renovations come with many advantages. In addition to improving the aesthetics and functionality, updating your home will ensure improved security, provide a more efficient living environment, and increase comfort for you and your loved ones.


Here are some of the significant advantages you’ll get if you choose to hire the experts at Master Renovations:


  1. It’ll Improve Your Home’s Financial Value!

Whether you opt for large-scale home renovations or limited-scale kitchen and bathroom renovations, you will significantly increase your property’s overall worth and value.


If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, there is no better way to invest in your property today to get a much better profit when you sell it.


For the highest value for your money, partner with Master Renovations today!


  1. It will Improve Your Standards of Living and Comfort

If you are not moving into a new house anytime soon, your best option is to uplift your current residence. This is easier said than done. With so many home renovation companies operating in Australia today, finding the right one that can deliver value for your money can become a challenge!


Don’t worry, as Master Renovations has got your back! Improve your living standards and comfort levels by letting our experts renovate your entire home at super-affordable rates!


  1. Fix All Your Safety-Related Issues

Are you worried about abnormal cracks and holes developing in your ceilings and walls? Or perhaps you’re concerned about frequent roof leaks due to substandard plumbing in your house. A relatively old house may have several maintenance issues that can become a safety hazard much sooner than you think.


Either you can opt for periodic repairs or go for a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your safety-related issues with Master Renovations. Our highly skilled and experienced experts will carry out all kinds of home renovations, including wall crack repairs, ceiling repairs, repairing any leakages in your roof, and even replacing your damaged or deteriorated floor.


  1. Realise Your Dream of Having a Fully Customised House

Do you think your house is not modern enough and requires new and contemporary updates? Hiring a professional home renovation company such as Master Renovations will undoubtedly help!


A house that’s tailor-made according to your personal preferences will make you fall in love with it even more! We’ll also help you rearrange different sections in your house as per your preferences. Our creative design ideas will also help you accommodate your growing family by intelligently crafting extra space within the available area.


You can style your home any way you want by partnering with a reliable and professional home renovation service in Australia. If you have got extra rooms in your house, you can remodel them as a play area, grocery area, study room, or theater room. You can also remodel your basement into a separate room for parties. Remodeling doors to aluminum ones is also a great choice.


The sky is truly the limit when it comes to ideas and designs! Call us now.



A home renovation completed in Melbourne
Home Renovation in Brunswick, Melbourne
Home Renovation in Melbourne
Before and After shots of Brunswick Home Renovation

Home Renovations Costs in Australia

With the rising labour costs, increasing material prices, and swelling insurance costs, home renovations are getting costlier all over Australia. But that hasn’t stopped Master Renovations from providing premium quality renovation and redesigning services at competitive rates!

To give you a better idea about the average costs, here are some updated statistics:

Complete Home Renovation Costs

Home renovation costs in Australia depend on numerous factors such as the type and size of the house, its location, overall condition, client’s preferences, and extent of any damages to the property. Therefore, you must call us to schedule an on-site visit and an exact price quotation.

However, to give you a fair idea, home renovation costs in Australia can range from $40,000 and go up to $300,000.

If you’re not looking to get comprehensive home renovations and want to improve specific areas in your residence, here is a quick breakdown of costs associated with such a project:

Kitchen Renovations can range from $20,000 to $50,000. Renovating a kitchen may include making new cabinets, removing old appliances, and replacing them with new ones. The costs may soar up to $80,000 or even higher for high-end kitchen renovations. Therefore, the choice is entirely yours!

Bathroom Renovations will require almost $15,000-$45,000. Most bathroom renovation services start quoting prices from $30,000 and go higher if you’re looking to get some extra features. The overall costs for bathroom renovations will largely depend on the type and material you are using, amenities you’re getting installed, and your renovation company.

Living or Dining Room Renovations are not as expensive as other areas. Still, the costs will largely depend on the scope of work or the size of the room. The costs for a typical living room renovation project start from $10,000 and can go up to $20,000.

Bedroom Renovations are the most popular ones as they don’t require as much budget and can bring in excellent results. An average bedroom renovation project in Australia costs around $4,000 to $12,000 – depending on the client’s choice and preferences.

Why Master Renovations?

The professional experts at Master Renovations have got the required skills and experience to deliver top-quality work! First, we will listen to your ideas and personal preferences and suggest improvements while keeping your costs within the approved budget.

We promise all our clients that the final results will exceed your expectations. Get in touch with us now!

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