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Your bathroom, without a doubt, is one of the busiest places in your home. Due to its frequent use, it is more likely to become worn out faster as compared to other areas in your home. Even if you ensure regular maintenance and repairs, your bathroom’s floors, ceilings, walls, and even plumbing can get affected by the usual wear and tear. Limescale deposits around the showerhead, bath and sink taps, and water stains from a dripping tap, can quickly diminish its overall visual appeal.


The routine maintenance works are not too complicated, but tasks requiring plumbing or electrical work should always be left to the professionals. Bathroom renovations can be intimidating, and they aren’t cheap either! Even if you have the necessary skills, handling your bathroom renovation project from start to finish is nearly impossible. If you’ve been putting off the inevitable for a while but have finally chosen to renovate your bathroom, you must hire a reputable and professional bathroom renovation company to handle the renovation process amicably.

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Master Renovations delivers a wide range of home renovations all around Australia. Our experienced professionals are highly skilled and knowledgeable, with years of experience renovating bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. We ensure minimum disturbance to the residents while we execute your bathroom renovation project so that you can go about your routine activities as usual while we get the job done.


We understand that remodeling or renovating your bathroom isn’t something you do every day. With this in mind, Master Renovations provides top-notch bathroom renovations at super-affordable rates!


We have been one of Australia’s most reputable bathroom renovation companies. Our experienced and skilled craftsmen have worked on a wide range of bathroom renovation projects across the country. With years of experience working in the local renovation industry, our specialists have a wealth of information, expertise, and experience, enabling them to handle your entire bathroom renovation from start to finish.



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Benefits of Our Bathroom Renovations Services

A comprehensive and complete renovation service is not required most of the time. You may only need to go for small-scale renovations to make your bathroom appear more beautiful. As one of Australia’s most popular renovation services, Master Renovations will cover every aspect of your renovation project. Our experts will not only execute your ideas, but they’ll also suggest creative bathroom design and renovation ideas to you, helping you transform your bathroom into a fully functional yet aesthetically pleasing personal space.


At Master Renovations, we believe that the renovation process does not have to be intimidating. Whether you decide to go for a small-scale bathroom renovation or a comprehensive full-scale remodeling project, we will execute the entire project as quickly as possible, while you can just sit back and watch us do our job.


Here are some of the advantages of using our bathroom renovation service:


  1. Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Renovating your bathroom is the most effective way to give your home a fresh lease on life. Bathroom renovations don’t always imply tearing it down completely. At Master Renovations, we believe that the design and feel of your bathroom can be significantly improved by simply replacing your dysfunctional plumbing or a broken sink and adding a bit of lighting.


You can, of course, also choose to rip everything up and give it a fresh start. It all depends on what you want to accomplish and how much budget you have.


  1. Customised Design and Layout

Have you already got a bathroom design in mind? We’ll review it in detail and let you know if it’s workable. If not, our designers can assist you in coming up with a fantastic design idea that is fully customised to your needs. We can even sketch up your ideas and suggest improvements if required.


Standard or bespoke, bold or minimal, get in touch with Master Renovations for tailor-made, beautiful bathroom renovations that you’ve wanted to get.


  1. Limited or Large-Scale Renovations

We understand that you may not always want to undergo the monumental effort of stripping out your old bathroom and starting all over again.


At Master Renovations, we understand that your budget may not allow you to go for brand new bathtubs, sinks, or lighting. Thanks to our company’s thoughtful approach, we can provide a low-cost bathroom renovation package if you have a tight budget.


You can also have the bathroom of your dreams by making a few modest improvements that add up to a big difference. Contact us today to talk to one of our professionals about your bathroom renovation project.


  1. Make Your Bathroom Safer

One of the top reasons to renovate your bathroom is to make it safer, especially if you have children in your house. Statistically, most house accidents occur in the bathroom, which can be avoided with a few easy alterations. To make your bathroom safer, our experts can install larger doorways, slip-resistant flooring, and shower screens, among other bathroom accessories.

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  1. Improve Energy-Efficiency

Although it isn’t at the top of the list of reasons for customers wanting to renovate their bathroom, there is a steady increase in individuals becoming increasingly concerned about the environment.


Our high-quality bathroom products, such as water-saving fixtures, low-flow toilet suites, and radiant flooring, can help you save big money on electricity. You can also replace your windows, enhancing ventilation and reducing cooling and heating bills.


  1. Project Flexibility and Customisation

We provide flexible and personalised bathroom renovation services that will fall within your financial limitations. From large-scale renovations to more customised, small bathroom renovation projects, our professionals are ever-ready to execute all types of bathroom renovation projects – no matter the scope of work.


Contact us today for an initial price estimation. Or, if you’d like to schedule an on-site visit, we’d be pleased to adjust it in the first available slot.


  1. One-Stop Solution

Typically, many trades are involved in a renovation project, from plumbers and electricians to tilers. Master Renovations will manage the entire renovation process for you and ensure different tradespeople come when needed rather than creating an unnecessary crowd at your home. This will also speed up the renovation process while reducing unnecessary bathroom renovation costs.



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Bathroom Renovation Costs in Australia

Do you want to know how much a bathroom renovation costs in Australia? Do you want to know how much it costs to renovate a tiny bathroom? Are you unsure if you have the requisite funds for a high-end renovation job? These are the most common questions our clients ask us!

The cost of a complete bathroom renovation varies across Australia. Depending on your preferences, the most basic renovation package can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000.


The average cost of a medium-level bathroom makeover is between $8,000 and $15,000.


However, if you want a complete bathroom renovation such as updated tiles, walls, and ceilings, as well as current and improved premium quality fixtures, the cost may easily exceed $15,000 and go up to $30,000. However, if you can afford it, the results would be well worth the cost!


You may be tempted to compromise on the quality or use low-priced sanitary ware if you want to keep the renovation costs low. If you want your bathroom to remain fully functional and beautiful for a long time, this compromise will be unhelpful! The easiest approach to keep your bathroom renovation costs down while still getting the aesthetics you want is to seek professional help.


Other Renovation Services by Master Renovations

Apart from bathroom renovations, here are some of the most popular renovation services we offer to our esteemed clients:


Kitchen Renovations

Do you enjoy spending time in your kitchen preparing meals for your family and friends? If yes, it’s time to transform your old vintage kitchen into a modern-looking, fully functional space where you can do what you love with ease and comfort!

Master Renovations is always ready to deliver the highest-quality kitchen renovations at a low cost without compromising on the quality of our work!


Laundry Renovations

Laundry room renovations are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Most Australian homeowners prefer to keep their laundry room updated with the newest technology and safety features. The experts at Master Renovations can assist you if you have a laundry room that needs a touch of love and attention!


Contact us to discuss your laundry renovation project with one of our experienced professionals and get an initial price estimate!


Home Renovations

Master Renovations provides top-quality home renovation services, such as home extensions, second-story buildings, and granny flat design and construction.

Take advantage of the extra space in your property by contacting Master Renovations today to expand your storage capacity or accommodate your growing family.



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